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What was that supposed to mean?The next morning my mother was off work, so we went and ran a few errands.Avan’s face gaped with alarm and he pleaded with his niece to not let the boy be screwed by anyone but him but Verity would have none of that.Our totally smooth sex slave didn't know it yet, but he would never grow body hair again.Chapter Twelve – First Day on the JobHe had kept her safe all of these years and even kept her out of the gang life.However it did not apply to her two sons.That’s the only thing we can really do.Why don't you make us both a nightcap?“Lower body massage special?” she asked, drawing the words out as she leaned back in her chair.Her hands squeezed my pussy.Do we have to have a label?My shaking fingers caressing her 34B firm breasts, nipples stiffened and pointed.Max was up again in a flash, ready for action if needed and Haynes took a step back in response."Any time," He said with a wide smile on his face.His other hand reaches for my ass and squee

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