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I brushed my hand on his crotch and felt him boned up as well.Its been 2 hours and she still is not back....My mouth went dry and my knees went weak but he picked one of my legs up and wrapped it around his waist.I wanted to get up and get out of there, but Alexis, gently stroked my arm."I'd never told him.He watched her go to the limb that held the swaying body.“Carissa, my dear, tell me what is wrong”.I wiggled.I had no preset plans to have sex with you, but I like you a lot, so I just decided to show you my appreciation in a more personal way.I mean, how would you like to bleed from your dick once a month?"That kick is what we always try to achieve when we are together.I told her to lay on her stomach and she did and I began to rub and massage her back and shoulders and in minutes she was asleep so I wrapped my arm around her and fell asleep.This was normal for her, but seeing her amazing legs and her perky tits even for that glace, drove him crazy.“Yes.” Diamond said, the mom having sex with son