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The first part of your punishment is done.” Lianas tone was comforting, but there was an amused edge to it.She wanted to know if I’d had any trouble finding a motel.I took the picture and clothes with me to the embalming room.I limped over slowly and took the bucket.Her reflection looked at my distended crotch then smiled up at me. She gripped my arm and pulled me to face her then started to undo the buttons of my fly, sultry blue eyes never left mine as she gently opened my zipper, her fingers grazing the contour of my erection as she did.“Well, the one on the left is for a walk-in freezer and the one on the right is for a walk-in refrigerator.“That could be arranged, if he is real good with his hands.” she said, in a flirty tone.Let's have some fun," Leah said with a smirk.Her body gave in, a great wave rolling up her spine as she retched, ejecting the contents of her stomach but never being free of Dominion’s cock.On Twitter.My brain had to work out what I was feeling -

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