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you know what, pun was intended… lol… miss you...“To us, and all that lies ahead of us.”Dad was banging you like crazy, doggy style while watching the football game.Oh shit!I put it on the bed [gasp] opening it.She opened the door and rushed out into the room, hearing roars of laughter behind her.The bushy pubic hair tickled her chin.We got back to my apartment.She kept grinding onto me and putting her big ivory tits in my face so I could bite her nipples.Where did they go?All the questions were what I’d expected at first like a normal job interview but for porn.An old version of myself with grey hair, a two-day beard, and a scar.“No...” I moaned, knowing full-well what instrument of evil dwelled in a sacred place between her reference books on law.I smell lavender and lilac.Quite short.We understand that your predecessor knew Lisa personally.I had what I thought of as a hunger headache.It was fantastic.No pressure if you're not ready."Then stood and unbuttoned my dress l

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But, he renewed his vow, he would escape."With all he's done for me, I'll do anything he wants," Anne said.She gasped in desperation, drawing in a vital breath.Painfully slow her body was lowered on the two metal poles.Eventually, the trees broke and led them to another open field.It felt exciting, exhilarating.Leah’s head began to rise.She responded by grabbing onto the man’s muscular ass, gripping it and pulling him into her, holding him there to fully savor the full length of his cock within her.I had put on a see thru camisole showing cum dried on the inside of my thighs.So she hit her leg again, and then again.I fought the urge to pull off her beautiful cock and within moments she release my head and I slid off her member, panting for breath.Fuck it felt so good.She looked up at me, “Not cold turkey.Lots to do before the party tonight,” Nisha says.He spread my asshole and he started licking up his mess he made.“I love being big!I love it, I fucking love it!“I love bein

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