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Oooh, Girt, uhnm, wonderful.Copyright 2019I promise." The voice sounded gruff but authoritative.And what exactly was he doing there?I had just 2 more things to do; I got on the bed, put the belt under my thighs and nestled the wand between them so that the ball part was against my clit.She shivered from the cold water that had soaked her body.Congratulations.” My brother said making me smile.Then I slide my hand right up her inner thigh.When the first slow tune came on about half of the couples left the dance floor.He just grinned and shrugged, "Cool water."She rolled onto her side and I drew her into my arms, with her head nestled into my neck.David tried his hardest to resist, but after seeing his two gorgeous girls strip naked and beg to be bred, he just couldn’t hold back and plowed his dick into their tight young cunts vigorously.You seem to be enjoying my ministrations.Now to Salies's horror the the most noticeable was to my canine form.Why can’t you be a good wife and do

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