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She did ask me if Jane mentioned her sister Jennifer, her twin sister.Now, I owe one of my employees a little Christmas bonus and I decided you are going to help me pay him.She needs it.”All along the full length of the platform, people stand three deep, with more joining every second.She dared not look around in the darkness.I knew that she was close to coming.He looked her in the eyes, for the first time since the conversation started.Her skirt didn't begin to cover the peachy cheeks and the dark valley between, with its thin strip of blue running down like a river through a canyon.Fuck my friend.“I guess I can come.“This is going to be so good!” Ji-Yun moaned as she settled between my thighs.Christie leaned forward.Chad laughed.What’s going on in that little perverted brain of yours?”“Do we have a deal.” I asked“Been gone about thirty minutes, but I thought I would just get it to go.” Carol smiled to her.She spoke in a friendlier manner and I wished her a good ni

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