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She then pushed Harry down onto the bed in a fierce movement.“I think these might fit.” Kaylie said in a soft slow voice as she tried to recover.To love her.There was a genuineness in her voice.Turned on by the fact my mom was this fucking horny and so ‘understanding’ to the sexual needs of teen boys.My hands fondled Daddy's balls, feeling them.I reached down and pulled my shorts down far enough that my erection was standing rigid from its home.She hadn't felt this way about someone in millennia, not since-This euphoric bliss then melted through me. This wonderful, naughty delight.After all, what pleasure was she getting from this?“Yeah...?” Megan prompted, raising an eyebrow.I am glad we understand each other.“Scott can I ask you something?” Nena said as I ran my hand though her hair “Oh course you can Nena.” I said to her as we stood in hallway.And you don't want to meet our father.“I can imagine your Mother,” she laughed, “ 'Oh, bother, they've stained the