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She ask Angela.” You don't have to tell me if you don't want to but I would like to know how your mom and sisters feel about us three new slaves.” Angela smiled and hugged her.She shakes her head no.And as expected they all started laughing, and pointing towards the doll.The man wasted no time in initiating a rhythm, thrusting into her with machine-like movements.I moaned, my mouth opening, some of the salty cum slipping on it.She gasped for breath, smiled up at James, and returned to her sloppy blowjob.“These are my vagina lips.I whimpered, grunted, moaned as inch after inch slowly penetrated my tight, wet pussy.Simultaneously I felt something running down my ass cheeks.Especially young girls.As I recovered, Sabina came out naked with her tray full of naughty objects.“So, do you want a white, black or brightly colored one?She was feeling extreme pleasure from pleasing her master.You have to take it deep.”Just as I got level with the van 2 men in white overall and carrying t

I am further irritated as once more the general brings my sex into the discussion, so I wave an arm dismissively.“Make sure your daughter's pierced nipples are perfect,” he growled.She reached to the top button on her blouse, and with a quick look at each of her audience, she pushed the button through.“I have to apologize I did something horrible,” Victoria began.EpilogI hoped more and more of my futa-sisters followed.A few minutes later they were all in the room, I scanned Baby Girl, Sissy, Heather, Athena, Bell, Avril, Alison, Abigail, Gail, Carmella, Dixie all of the Club AI’s showed the same, I scanned the first nine they were fine then the first two from Boca, then the quiet one from the second station, ok then the three loud ones, I said Abby block my hearing I have a feeling this is the trouble, also block all the doors in the room, I scanned the first one “red”, the next one “red”, the last one “RED”, then we scanned the next three green and the last five

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