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He looked at his tied-up wrists and then up at me.The Posse were with me, them heading to the copse in the corner as they always did.The time I spent in Pallus's Temple finally made Apollon and me decide it was time to return home and deal with something both of us had been putting off.He was disappointed I hadn’t brought her with me. He was keen that he and Nin meet her again.No one had noticed it in the early morning, when the town square was still in the shadow of the nearby mountain, but once the sun shined upon it with its full radiance, the bronze caught the light and gleamed, despite age having tarnished its exterior.She held still and kept her lips tight on my cock so nothing spilled out.Silence filled the room as they each passed out on the sofa, dead to the world.Or maybe she was just teasing.The path, strangely enough, had opened back up once I crossed into the woods.I am pretty sure if you had asked me I would have been more then willing to have sex with you back then.As

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