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Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!‘I know, I see also know!’“Hi baby like what you see?” Chrystal said with a wink.Then he carefully removed the blanket.“Dude, you’re not marrying a stripper, what would your future children think?” Jake joked back.Then one day, a guy of about 60 said he lived close by and we could drive there and have some fun in his flat.I wanted to please him so much!I filled her to the brim with my dick.He stepped out of his clothes, picked me up and carried me to the bed.Outside!Dropping the pail and towel beside her I said: “I'm going to undo the hand cuffs, piss and shit in the bucket, use the towel to clean up.After a bit I looked into the kitchen and saw Irma again sitting on the table with Gloria playing my part at the tit.Sure enough, either it wasn't there, or I couldn't find it.“Goddamn,” groaned Mr. Coburn.Alexandra and the surviving victims waited in silence for Dmitri’s orders.“I don’t give a fuck if you’re sorry.” The ma