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“Another one, we pulled the two that were dangling in there,” Daddy asks him and he nods, I almost hide under the table now."Hello?"The words were pure fantasy, but they made me feel better.Yet the burst of speed from his punch was nothing compared to the whirlwind he felt burst from his form.Backing out a little, I got a different erotic view of Julie’s butt and her legs.Evelyn tries to pull away, but her wife has very strong thighs.We showered quickly and headed to our bed without talking too much, we both were exhausted.He got very excited, though, when he saw Mel’s ass through the glass."Hey Kyle!"Susan roused from her daydream and looked down at her new slut roommate, who was still licking away.Gasping for breath, I turned sideways in shame, my long squirt had sprayed his body right from his abdomen up to his eyes, shivering from head to toe, I felt ashamed to look at him after shooting the fruit of the most intense orgasm I’ve felt, I tried to turn around but he pinned